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Mike Wakefield Graduated from Emily Carr University majoring in photography + sculpture .For the past 3o+ years has worked full time as a photographer specializing in many subjects including Architecture,Editorial, Food, Fashion, Portraiture+Products.

The past few years Mike has rediscovered his passion for historical, documentary and environmental photography, combining the three for some very moody + visually exciting work.

-Published photographs:




-North Shore News 50th Anniversary story:


-Local Voices Presentation WV Memorial Library Feb 2020/Eve Lazarus

Documenting Local History

West Vancouver Historical Local Voices presentation:



“Wakefield, like Jeff Wall, Ian Wallace, Rodney Graham and Fred Hertzog, He belongs in this category.These are the artists being recognized in New York, London and Berlin. Mike graduated from Emily Carr and is doing great work.”

Gordon Smith, Artist

“Commitment, his great eye for composition and his unique gift for details is why his future as a fine art Photographer is Limitless.I know this because when I look at his work, as an Artist myself, the thought pops into my head, Gee I wish I had thought of that.”

Ross Penhall, Artist

This show is not to be missed. Mike brings exceptional style to his photography, creating extraordinary art!

Victor Aberdeen, Abovofoto


“It’s a fantastic collection of work, I think that it does a masculine but tender aesthetic, It provokes thought and introspection. They are quite dark but beautiful at the same time, but not grim, more romantic. It’s not very often that I am excited by photography but your work is simply delicious. You have done a fantastic job. Congratulations on a job well done.”

Dusty Hagerud, Vancouver Illustrator